Point Level Sensors

Rotary Paddle Controller

Model KA/KAX

Economical point level control sensors for the detection of dry bulk materials.


This sensor provides the ultimate in fail-safe performance whenever critical continuous operation must be ensured.  Detection of both material presence/absence and its own operational status is performed on a continuous basis.

RF Capacitance

TrueCap® RF capacitance probes are designed to provide a high level of sensitivity, stability and durability for powder, bulk solids, liquids and slurry applications.

DuraVibe Vibratory probe


The VibraRod™ provides reliable point level measurement sensing in a wide variety of applications within powder and bulk solids markets.


The PZP is extremely sensitive and works on a wide range of material densities from very light to heavy.

Diaphragm Unit

These models are flush mounted and minimally intrusive level sensors.  The diaphragm level switch is ideally used when vessel size or internal clearance is limited, or where protrusion into a vessel is not acceptable. 

Tilt Switch

These tilt switch models can be used as high level indicators to eliminate bin overflow or to control levels in open piles.

Bin Aeration


The single Evasser bin aerator operates by continuously introducing air into a mass of stored powder. When first conveyed into a storage vessel, the powder is a highly aerated mixture of air and particulate.

Air Pad

Monitor’s rectangular air pads promote material fluidization/flow in a storage vessel by continuously introducing air into the stored material. These units are economical, quiet, non-electrical aeration solutions that provide an alternative to vibration systems.

Continuous Level Sensors

Silo Patrol

The SiloPatrol® SE continuous level measurement and inventory monitoring system is a truly robust smart cable-based bin level sensor system.  It is a field proven approach to reliably monitoring the level of material in bins, silos, and tanks.

Radar Right

The RadarRight™ is a non-contact continuous level measurement sensor which means there is nothing to “touch” your process.  It provides dependable, real-time level measurements at the “right” price for the storage of powders, bulk solids, and liquids.

Inventory Management Systems

Silo Track Cloud

The SiloTrack™ Cloud Remote Inventory Management Software is a web-based application software that provides users with an unsurpassed, flexible graphical interface for our SiloPatrol® SE model SMU inventory monitoring sensors and our RadarRight™ non-contact radar continuous level measurement sensors.

SiloTrack PC

The SiloTrack™ PC Inventory Management Software is a PC-based application software that provides users with an unsurpassed, flexible graphical interface for our SiloPatrol® SE model SMU inventory monitoring sensors and our RadarRight™ non-contact radar continuous level measurement sensors.


The HMI2 Operator Interface Control Console is a local interface that is compatible with Monitor’s continuous level sensors which provide a RS-485 output.  The HMI2 allows for monitoring up to 32 sensors and displays measured or calculated data as well as the system’s and sensor’s diagnostic messages. The display can be easily switched to view calculated level, volume, weight or percent in addition to the basic distance measurement.  

Moisture Sensor


The HumiCore™ moisture measurement system is an in-line system for monitoring and guarantees trouble-free measurement of the internal product moisture of solids and emulsions.  The sensor circuitry principle is centered around an electrical high frequency field.  it is suitable for many products including, but not limited to, grain, feed, seed, cereal, flour, sugar, coal, sand, wood shavings, dried food, fertilizer, tobacco, powder, pigments, plastic granules, and cement.

Solids Flow Sensors

QuantiMass Pro & Ultra

The QuantiMass™ is a mass flow measurement sensor that is designed with the latest microwave technology and is used to quantify the flow of powders and solids being conveyed in metallic pipes.  This unit is installed in-line without the use of weight scales.  While it is compact in size it is also durable and non-intrusive.  The QuantiMass™ is suitable for powders, dust, pellets, and granular up to 0.75 inch.


The SFD-2 and SFI is Monitor’s line of microwave solids flow monitors.  They are high quality, industrial grade instruments capable of providing a signal indicating the flow/no-flow condition of solids and powders in gravity chutes, feeders and pneumatic pipelines.  The SFD-2 provides relay outputs that can be setup to indicate changes in the target flow stream.  The SFI provides an analog output which varies with changing conditions of the material flow stream.

Particle Emissions

DustAlarm ES 

The DustAlarm® is ideal to use as a broken bag dust monitor and filter leak detector.  It utilizes Triboelectric technology with algorithms which is a proven technology that is accepted by the US EPA for dust particle emission detection.  It is able to provide reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in the exhaust ducts of baghouses of various sizes, cartridge collectors, cyclones, and any other dust collector for most powder and bulk solids industries.

DustTrend ES 

The DustTrend™ provides continuous trend measurements that allow plant operators to identify changes in dust emission levels and optimize the facility’s filtration systems.  This utilizes the same triboelectric technology as the DustAlarm®.  The standard output can either be a 4-20 mA output and/or enhanced Modbus communication.