major manufacturer

and supplier of level controls and related products

What we Do

Flow Controls is a major manufacturer and supplier of level controls and related products in South Africa for the powder and bulk solids markets. Founded in 1982 by Sidney Weyers, it has grown to become the South African Distributor of Monitor Technologies.

We provide practical solutions for the storage and processing of most powder and bulk solids, as well as some liquids and slurries. We offer a complete line of bulk solids level measuring products for silo / bin level indication, level measurement and inventory management. 

For many years, our bin level indicators have been preventing overflow spills, controlling surge bins, detecting plugged chutes and providing on/off control of pumps and conveyors in the dry bulk industry. Our products are designed and manufactured with the end user in mind, so installation and calibration are both straightforward and simple.

We pride ourselves in our high quality products, extensive application support and trusted customer service.

We serve the following industries:





Mining (coal and gold)



Besides playing a major part in the control and measurement of raw materials, Flow Controls also manufactures and supplies conveyor belt rip detectors, emergency pull cord switches, belt sway switches and liquid flow switches. 

Our instruments are backed by:

  • Expert advice based on 60+ years of business in level indication
  • On-time, quick delivery
  • Personalized care; Hassle-free transactions
  • 2-Year Warranty on most products
  • Service department capable of in-factory product repairs or field service
  • ISO 9001 registered quality system that continually pursues best business practices

Our countrywide team is motivated and equipped to support you

Model KA

Economical point level control sensors for the detection  of dry bulk materials.

TrueCap® RF capacitance

TrueCap® RF capacitance probes are designed to provide a high level of sensitivity, stability and durability for powder, bulk solids, liquids and slurry applications.


The VibraRod™ provides reliable point level measurement sensing in a wide variety of applications within powder and bulk solids markets

Our products include the following:

  • bin level sensor
  • level control
  • mass flow measurement
  • solids flow measurement sensor
  • level controls
  • level switch
  • level switches
  • level sensors
  • bin level control
  • level sensor
  • silo level sensor
  • level sensors for powders & bulk solids
  • level measurement
  • silo level measurement
  • dust and particulate monitor
  • broken bag detector
  • moisture measurement sensor
  • level sensors for powders
  • level sensors for plastics
  • level sensors for dry bulk
  • level sensors for cement
  • level sensors for dry chemicals
  • level indicators for dry food ingredients
  • leve indicators animal feed & pet food
  • plugged chute detection
  • plug chute detector
  • low level indicator
  • high level indicator
  • fail-safe level sensor
  • hazardous location level sensors
  • point level indicators
  • continuous level measurement
  • grain bin level sensor
  • grain storage
  • indicator level
  • bin level indicator
  • bin level measurement
  • rotary paddle level switch
  • rotary switch
  • rf capacitance level sensor
  • capacitance level sensor
  • rf capacitance level indicator
  • solids flow switch
  • grain bin level
  • level indicator
  • bin level switch
  • level switch
  • plumb bob level sensor
  • weight and cable level sensor
  • level indicators
  • bin level indicators
  • level measurement
  • level sensors
  • particle emissions sensor
  • monitor level
  • level probes
  • level probe
  • bin level probes
  • bin level probe
  • radar level sensor
  • rotary paddle bin monitor
  • solids flow meter
  • grain bin aeration
  • radar level transmitter
  • solids flow measurement
  • high level indicator
  • vibratory level indicator
  • vibratory level detector
  • vibratory level sensor
  • vibratory level switch
  • vibration level indicator
  • vibration level detector
  • vibration level sensor
  • vibration level switch
  • radar level sensor
  • radar level transmitter
  • non-contact level sensor
  • non-contact level transmitter
  • non-contact level measurement
  • pulse radar level sensor
  • pulse radar level transmitter
  • through-air radar level
  • open-air radar level
  • radar level sensor for powders
  • radar level sensor for bulk solids
  • radar level sensor for liquids
  • radar sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids
  • radar sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk solids
  • through-air radar level sensor
  • through-air radar level transmitter
  • open-air radar level sensor
  • open-air radar level transmitter
  • non-contact level sensor for powders
  • non-contact level sensor for bulk solids
  • non-contact level sensor for liquids
  • moisture measurement sensor for solids
  • moisture measurement for solids
  • mass flow measurement sensor for solids
  • mass flow measurement for solids
  • mass flow meter for solids
  • solids flow meter
  • moisture measurement sensor for powders
  • moisture measurement for powders
  • mass flow measurement sensor for powder
  • mass flow measurement for powder
  • mass flow measurement sensor for powders
  • mass flow measurement for powders
  • inline moisture measurement sensor
  • inline mass flow measurement sensor
  • online moisture measurement sensor
  • online mass flow measurement sensor
  • moisture measurement sensor
  • moisture monitoring
  • moisture measurement system
  • mass flow measurement sensor
  • mass flow measurement system
  • flow measurement
  • mass flow meter
  • dust emissions detector
  • particle emissions detector
  • dust emissions monitor
  • particle emissions monitor
  • bag leak detector
  • broken bag detectors
  • triboelectric dust monitor
  • triboelectric dust sensor
  • triboelectric dust detector
  • dust monitoring
  • dust monitoring equipment
  • dust monitoring device
  • dust measurement equipment
  • dust monitor
  • dust meter
  • dust detector
  • dust sensor
  • dust particle counter
  • dust particle meter
  • bag leak detection system
  • baghouse leak detection
  • dust monitoring instruments
  • particulate monitor
  • particulate detector
  • filter break alarm
  • dust trend monitor
  • broken bag
  • bag alarm
  • dust collector monitor
  • dust collector filter monitor
  • dust collection system monitor
  • filter leak
  • filter leak monitor
  • filter leak detector
  • filter leakage monitoring

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